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In this latest movie from Old Young Lesbian Love entitled 'Age Gap', a MILF and a teen are showing that when it comes to lesbian sex - age just doesn't come into the equation :)  Of course it helps when the ladies are as hot as these two here...

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Lexy is just 18, and totally adorable – she could have any girl or man she wanted, but instead her latest girlfriend is well past retirement age, but grandma Kati is teaching her that age difference can be an advantage, not an obstacle!

Lexy is very inexperienced when it comes to sex – so she’s asked her mature girlfriend to teach her all about eating pussy….there’s NOTHING Kati doesn’t know about pleasing a girl with her tongue, as over the years she’s had plenty of practice…young Lexy is in for a learning experience she won’t ever forget as she buries her tongue deep inside a hairy old granny pussy :)

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Blonde Grandma Viviana enjoys a wild & exhilarating sex life, and she doesn’t want to give it up, EVER!  She long ago realized age just doesn’t matter….it’s all about satisfying fucking – she knows how to please a lady & she expects the same in return!

In these new Old Young Lesbian Love videos she granny Viviana is getting her hairy pussy eaten out by an 18 year old…she might lack experience but she sure is eager to learn!

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Both these lesbians come from totally different generations, but they both share a real passion for kinky lesbian sex :)

In this latest Old Young Lesbians scene the girls enjoy some intense oral sex together….they spend HOURS licking and nibbling on each others pussies….one is an experienced hairy pussy, while the other is a shaved tight bald pussy…it makes for one hell of a combination :)

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JudyT has a new girlfriend – a innocent, eager to learn 19 year old blonde named Antonya.

In this latest scene from Old Young Lesbian Love, JudyT is teaching her new lover how to eat pussy….not the easiest thing to do properly, but JudyT has eaten more pussy than anyone could ever keep track off so Antonya couldn’t really have a better teacher :)

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18 year old  Barbie White has a REAL passion for older ladies…MUCH older ladies – grandmas are the perfect age for her!  She is totally addicted to the thrill of eating an experienced matures pussy…maybe because it’s taboo who knows…but this petite lesbian happily spends HOURS every day licking old hairy granny pussies :)  What mature lesbian is going to refuse the attentions of an adorable, slim blonde teen girl!?  Barbie ALWAYS gets her girl and she always gives her the most satisfying fuck of her experienced life :)

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Doris is a slutty retired lesbians who has always loved fucking much younger girls – her new girlfriend is the youngest she’s fucked in many, many years – blonde Salome is just 21 years old – that is on hell of an age difference :)

Today experienced Doris is giving her new young lover a lesson in using a strap-on dildo – there is no better way to learn than to FUCK, and it’s what these girls do best – they take turns to wear the strap-on, Doris can’t believe how tight her young lovers pussy is…she really has to push hard to penetrate that fresh virgin pussy!

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Who better to teach 18 year old blonde Barbie to eat pussy than her brand new grandma girlfriend!  There is only one way to learn properly – and that’s to get down on her knees, and get her lips and tongue all over a mature ladies experienced pussy :)

In no time at all Barbie will have enough sexual experience to give her mature lover the kind of earth shattering orgasms she craves so much – and while she’s learning to please, Judyt will be licking and fucking her young tight pussy like she never knew was possible!